Artique is a simple & fun drawing app made by GINtech. If you are a creative mind, Artique makes it possible for you to get your ideas down on the go or even create full works of art with your fingers or a stylus. It is even easy enough for children's vast imaginations to become reality.


  • A full RGB color palette with hexcode
  • Brushes with customizable height & width
  • Customizable backgrounds with color & image options right from your device
  • A link to your GINtech account to share your drawings


MusicTuner allows you to search any song you want, stream it on your device, download the songs, & create & share playlists. Combine the mobile & desktop versions to search for songs on the go & download them to your computer later.


  • Sync your downloads to multiple devices
  • Share your playlists with other GINtech users
  • Save download links to download later
  • Social Play to create & play group playlists


GINternet is an easy & efficient browser for your home computer & mobile device. With sharing, favoriting, video & HTML5 support, it is another great browser option in the modern technological age.


  • Built in chat & draw mode to sketch on any webpage
  • GINternet Sync - Always have access to your latest
  • Save or share links by email, text or social networks
  • Supports the latest HTML5